Real Estate Careers

Commit to your new career and get started on your real estate license. Selling real estate is a fast-paced job in which you are interacting with people daily. Do you consider yourself a dedicated, reliable, ambitious, and hard-working professional with strong organizational and communication skills? Do you enjoy working with people and have a good knack for customer service? Then, real estate sales is a great choice for a rewarding, flexible and lucrative career. You can become licensed as a Real Estate Salesperson (Agent) or a Real Estate Broker.

A Real Estate Salesperson/Broker is a trusted agent whose training and expertise helps guide their clients through a complex and often stressful real estate transaction.

Buyer’s Agent

There is so much information out there about this industry, it can be overwhelming to a regular person. First time home buyers have an even harder time getting through it all. That’s why buyers hire a Buyer’s Agent in the first place – to help guide the client through the process.

A Buyer’s Agent will learn about their clients’ needs and help them determine where to start their search. Buyer’s Agents scour all of the resources at their disposal to find the homes that will match their clients’ needs. Buyer’s Agents have the ability to find homes that may otherwise have been overlooked by a client.

Listing Agent

Listings Agents are the home sellers’ go-to resource for doing a job they cannot do themselves. They are masterful at marketing their clients’ homes to the right buyers. They are experts in a variety of marketing techniques to cover all avenues to grab as much exposure as possible. Selling a house is one of the single largest transactions that most people are ever a part of. It is essential that they meet with a Listings Agent they can trust.

A Listings Agent is an expert in their local markets from both a valuation and a negotiation perspective. A good Listings Agent will be able to price a home to sell within a specific time frame. They are able to ensure negotiations run smoothly among multiple buyers. Their goal is to get a home on the market, get as much exposure to it as possible, and create a demand among multiple buyers to yield the best offers possible.

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Brokers are the foundation of the real estate business. All agents must have a Broker with whom they register their license with in order to do business. However, a good Real Estate Broker does more than hold licenses. They are mentors who train agents and cultivate their talents to help them excel. A good Real Estate Broker can make a good agent great. They understand the ins and outs of the business due to their vast experience in the industry. They know the pitfalls to avoid and the best opportunities to pursue.

They are managers, coaches, innovators and strategists. Real Estate Brokers do it all. And with all the extra work comes greater rewards, both monetary and through recognition. Exceptional agents naturally gravitate to the path of becoming a Real Estate Broker. If you are a top performing agent with the right qualifications your next logical step is to become a Real Estate Broker!