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For the past 30 years, Real Estate Education Center NYC has been helping people find success in a career in real estate.  We also specialize in insurance, appraisal, home inspection, mortgage and property management courses. No matter which stage of their career, we have licensing courses for those just starting a career, and continuing education (CE) for those who need a quick class to keep their license current. With real estate classes NYC offered online and on-location, REEDC NYC offers students the freedom to choose.

As a school with headquarters in the heart of Manhattan, nearby to times square — REEDC NYC is most well-known for our popular New York Real Estate Salesperson Licensing course. In this 75-hour course students are helped to prepare to pass the NY State Exam to become a licensed real estate agent. After working in the field for two years, the agent can either decide to continue working as a salesperson or upgrade their career and become a licensed real estate broker. Whichever career path the student chooses, REEDC has the classes and resources they need to move forward in their career.

REEDC is constantly developing our real estate programs and courses to continue to be highly relevant to the educational needs of our students. From our job placement program to exam prep, licensing to continuing education, we have everything a real estate student needs to achieve success in a new or existing career.

Call today and see for yourself why REEDC NYC is one of the top schools in NY State to obtain a license in real estate, insurance, and appraisal.

Job Placement

After taking the licensing course, REEDC NYC offers the ultimate job placement resource for new real estate and insurance career students. Many NY-based companies are seeking new-hires. They are listed on our job placement pages because they know we produce high-quality talent in these fields through classes and training. The companies featured on our job boards are selected through a rigorous selection process and provide our students with a trusted resource and a helpful transition into the working world.